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Endocrine system. And read this document – Endocrine_system.

Week of 8 January 2018

Dear friends, As promised, I am writing to share some of the goings-on from the Elementary this last week.  We welcomed Charlotte, Ben, Holly, Noah… more

Week of 11 December 2017

Hello, My New Year’s resolution to send some weekly-ish updates has come a bit early. Maybe it’s the growing Christmas excitement in the Elementary –… more

The Nenets

The October 2017 National Geographic article on the issues facing the Nenets as they make their annual migration to the Yamal Peninsula. Some background… more

Making charts.

Reminder of how to make a pie chart: Note – if you are comparing two wholes (e.g. how two different families spend their income), then you might… more

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Causes of child mortality

Historical leading causes of child mortality in the Africa region: Acute lower respiratory infections Birth asphyxia or trauma Diarrhoea HIV-AIDS Malaria Measles Meningitis Other Pertussis… more

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Catalonia independence

Some resources: Arguments for and against Catalonia independence