Just published: our 2017 Ofsted Inspection report

Our most recent Full School inspection (ages 3 to 16), published in November 2017.

“In this safe and incredibly nurturing environment, children and pupils of all ages are routinely deeply engrossed in their learning. Pupils are highly self-disciplined. Their behaviour is impeccable.”

“The exceptional diversity within the curriculum means that children develop and extensive range of knowledge, understanding and skills, often beyond typical age-related expectations.”

“Words parents used to convey their opinion about the school, the environment, the staff and how well their children are doing included: ‘astounded’; ‘marvel’; ‘extraordinary’; ‘amazing’; ‘truly inspirational’; ‘completely dedicated’; and ‘harmonious’”

“Pupils master a wide range of learning skills and are impressively self-sufficient in sustaining their focus and engagement. There is a palpable sense of ownership by pupils in their activities, learning and work. They are rightly and hugely proud of their school.”

“Learning is very often at a more advanced level than is typical for pupils’ age. The concepts explored linked to mathematics, science, geography and history, for example, are often complex. Pupils are rightly proud of their work and achievements.”

“The highly skilled lead guides know exactly how and when to interact or intervene with the children. They resist doing this too soon, but similarly are alert and highly responsive so that no child flounders unhelpfully. Their deep knowledge of every individual enables them to be successful in this delicate balancing act.”

“Children quickly develop incredibly high levels of independence. They are remarkably self-sufficient.”

Read the full report here.