Early Childhood

The child in the first plane of life, from the age of birth to six years, is a sensorial explorer. For this young child, we bring the world to their immediate environment.

Simplicity, beauty, order and rhythm define their physical and temporal environment.

Parents as Guides

We are committed to support parents in their role by providing programmes that share knowledge of Montessori principles and how to implement them in the home setting. Our offerings include programmes for expecting parents and those with children under the age of three.


Infant Community

The Infant Community offers a thoughtfully and lovingly prepared environment for those first steps in independence for your little one, as they begin to walk with confidence.


Children's House

As your child approaches the age of 3, they become ready to join the Children's House - a community of 3-6 year olds who work together and grow together in joyful collaboration.


Only through freedom and environmental experience is it practically possible for human development to occur.