The following documentation applies across both our sites in Hove (BN3 3ER) and Eason’s Green (TN22 5RE). Policies on this website were last updated in February 2019. The current set of updates will be put on the website by Friday 28 August 2020.

School academic performance for the academic year 2018/19 is available on request: please contact us at info@themontessoriplace.org.uk. Examinations for May 2020 were deferred and will be taking place in November 2020 instead.

A. School development

A-1. Equality of Opportunity

A-2. Statement of Boarding Principles and Practice

A-3. Disabled Access Improvement Plan

A-4. School Development Plan

A-5. School Evaluation and Information Form 

B. Safeguarding

B-1. Safeguarding policy

B-1b. E-Safety Policy

B-2. Safer recruitment policy

B-2b. Visitor Policy – Eason’s Green

B-3. Behaviour Policy

B-3b. Exclusion Policy

B-4. Anti-Bullying Policy

B-5. Lost Child on outing

B-6a. Lost Child on premises- Daytime

B-6b. Lost Child on premises- Nighttime

B-7. Arrival and Departures policy – Hove

B-7b. Arrival, Collection and Site Security policy – Eason’s Green

B-8. Non-Collection of Children from School

B-9. Use of Cameras and Mobile Phones Policy

B-10. Intimate Care Policy

* B-11. Confidentiality Policy

B-12. Social Networking Policy

B-13. Offsite Activities Policy

>>>>a) TMP Chaperone form

>>>>b) TMP Note for Chaperones

>>>>c) V1 – Offsite Visit approval form

B-14. Independent Listener Policy

B-15. Hosting Policy

B-16 Data Protection Policy

>> Privacy Notice for Staff

>> Privacy Notice for Families

C. Health and Safety

C-1. Health & Safety Policy

C-1a Assessing and Enabling Risk Policy

C-2. Animal Policy

C-3. Food and Drink Policy

C-3a. Management of Food Allergies Policy

C-4a. Guidelines for the Garden- Hove

C-4b. Guidelines for the Garden – Eason’s Green

C-4c. Guidelines for the Woodlands – Eason’s Green

C-5. Sun Protection and Hot Weather

C-6. Asbestos Policy

C-7. Catering Safety Policy

C-8. Employee Safe Pregnancy Policy

C-9. First Aid Policy

>>>>a) First aid box contents

C-10. Care of Boarders Who Are Unwell

C-11. Administration of Medication for Boarders

C-12. Drug and Alcohol Policy

C-13. Mental Health and Wellbeing Policy

C-14. EG Emergency Policy

C-15. Crises affecting boarder’s welfare

C-16. Contractor Policy

D. Fire Safety

D-1. Fire Safety Policy

D-2. Personal Electronic Equipment

D-3. Basic Fire Safety for Staff

>>>>a) Fire Risk Assessment Guidance for Stage 2

>>>>b) 2013 Review of Stage 1 Fire Risk Assessment

E. Pedagogy

E-1. Curriculum Policy – Overview

E-1a. Young People’s Community – Curriculum Policy

E-2. SMSC Policy

E-2b. PSHE & Citizenship Policy

E-2c. EAL Policy

E-3. Key Person Policy

E-4. SEND Policy

E-5. Assessment Policy

E-5a. Assessment Guidance

E-5b. Young People’s Community Assessment Framework

E-6. Attendance and Absence Policy

E-7. Policy for Careers Education

E-8. Relationship and Sex Education Policy

F. Staff

F-1. Whistleblowing Policy

F-2. Antibribery Policy

F-3. Harassment and Bullying Policy

F-4. Grievance Procedure

F-5. Dismissal and Discipline Policy

G. Parents

G-1. Application Procedure

G-2. Terms and Conditions

G-3. Complaints Policy