Making charts.

Reminder of how to make a pie chart: Note – if you are comparing two wholes (e.g. how two different families spend their income), then you might… more

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Causes of child mortality

Historical leading causes of child mortality in the Africa region: Acute lower respiratory infections Birth asphyxia or trauma Diarrhoea HIV-AIDS Malaria Measles Meningitis Other Pertussis… more

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Catalonia independence

Some resources: Arguments for and against Catalonia independence

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Scale of life

An animation on the relative size of familiar and unfamiliar forms of life: What stops cells from just growing and growing? This is… more

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The Heart

A really well explained overview of the basic function of the heart. A slightly dated but excellent video animation and description by a doctor of… more


What does it mean to say that something is caused by genetics, that it has a genetic basis?  The websites below help answer these questions… more