Mark’s Christmas Story

Mark Treffel (Louis’ dad) sent this email out to the community – we thought it such a beautiful story and asked if we could put it up here.


I have a lovely Christmas story for you that will warm the cockles of your heart, and is a lovely example of why I love our school so much.

’Twas the week before Christmas, when all through the school
All the children were munching on their Christmas fuel!
At every place was set crackers galore,
As the children asked for more and more.
As they cracked their crackers to their surprise
A splendid present lay before their eyes.


A snake so bendy and twisty and great
that it could be made in to so many shapes
Now enter young Louis the destroyer
A future engineer to be sure
So excited with what he could make with said snake
that he bent it in a perpendicular way
The snake must have wailed as it broke in two
No hang on it was the boy we sometimes call Lou

But wait, as it’s Christmas our story needs something
Something magical, sublime and celestial
I tend to agree so let us just say
we’ll call her Roma the Angel
She sees the poor boy midst all of his woe,
sitting there feeling so low
But with the magic of a single selfless act
This Angel begins to glow
She hurries across and presents him a snake
intact and non-perpendicularly bent
“Have mine” she says “ I don’t need it at all”
and like an Angel she glowed and then went.

Well as you can imagine the boy was so happy
He knew that this gift was so rare
So every day since the Angel did call
He has made every shape in the book and more
And though Christmas is looming and there’ll be new presents galore
This is still the most special of all.


Merry Christmas everyone, particularly all the little Angels.