Are you a BRAIN BOX??

This site takes you to many pages that allow you to explore the brain.  Some of my favorites are the following:

  • She Brains-He Brains–Are there really any differences between female brains and male brains?
  • Brains, Brains, Brains–Can you guess which animal goes with each of the brains pictured?
  • Do we use only 10% of our Brain?
  • How much do animals sleep?
  • What is sleep…and why do we need it?
  • One Brain..or Two?

This is a fun interactive animation –

Create and publish your own broadsheet/newspaper, complete with name, headlines, and stories about a day in the life of your brain.  For example, you could call your newspaper “The Daily Dendrite” or “The Brain Bulletin”.  Stories might include:
  • Visual Cortex Sees All“–describe how the visual cortex was activated on a trip to the museum.
  • Cerebellum Goes into Overtime“–describe how the cerebellum was used during a basketball 

Include an Advertisement selling your Brain

The ad could be a short paragraph for the Sunday classified section or a full-page ad with bright pictures and words.  Describe what the buyer will get when he buys your brain.  perhaps add some comments from the previous owner.  What makes your brain better than others?  How much education has your brain had?  perhaps give a bit of your brain’s history like: