Volume of poyhedron

Montessori said (I am paraphrasing) that in this work with children we do not believe because we see; but we see because we believe.

In our journey with the children, we begin with acts of faith.  It is an act of faith when one believes that every child has a profound drive to learn about their world, and make a thoughtful and loving contribution to it. But then we see it happening, and faith isn’t required anymore, because we see it. And we see it happening all the time with the children.

One can recognise ‘profound drive’ when one sees it. It is like ‘passion’ – you can recognise it when you see it, or are in its presence. It is harder to communicate about it, because it isn’t a ‘thing’. We can share with you the result of the process, but the result isn’t actually significant. It is the nurturing of this ephemeral thing called profound drive or passion that matters. It is harder to share those moments in the daily life of the community with you.

But here, in this gorgeous letter from Boudicca to Rob, is a moment where you can see that profound drive, like a particle in the air that helps you see a beam of light.


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