Prepared Environment – 6 to 12 Mths – The Floor Bed

Part 6 of an 8-part discussion handout.


The Floor Bed

Consider making the room where your child sleeps


and making their bed on the floor.

It may just be a mattress.

A floor bed

means your baby can get into bed and come out of it

following their own rhythm.

When they wake up,

They experience a sense of freedom

Rather than confinement.

The world is theirs to explore

You will be surprised

At how independent they become

How empowered they feel

How confident they grow.

I wake up, and I can get out of bed.

There are interesting things to do in my world,

And I can go and do them.

I don’t need to wait for someone

I live in the moment,

I see something,

I want to move to it.

If I can move to it,

I experience success.

I grow inside.

I start to think of myself in this way:

“I am someone who can do things”.

This attitude is priceless.

No amount of money can buy it.

How could a mattress on the floor create such a thing?

Childhood is full of these miracles.

Where the little things

Have a big impact.

Who knows what it means to a child,

To think:

“I feel sleepy,

I can go to bed myself.”

Perhaps they feel an inner glow inside,

A thought

“I am in charge of my own life.”

A good start

These are the moments in a child’s life

that shape their personality.

These moments are simple

And often unexpected.

Change is always possible,

This is the miracle of our incredible brain.

But there is nothing as helpful as a good start.

A world of interesting things to do,

Uninterrupted time to do it,

And the freedom to get started when I wake up

And go to bed when I am tired.

To a child,

This is Heaven!


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