Birth to 12 years in 2 minutes 45 seconds

A beautiful video. [Thanks Corinna!]

“I started filming my daughter Lotte as a newborn in 1999, every week, usually on a Saturday morning. After 12 years of filming her, and nine years of doing the same with her brother Vince, I turned the footage into the two films you see today. While I always had the feeling that this project was special and that it deserved a wider audience, I never dreamed that it would get this kind of exposure. The attention has been overwhelming: my daughter’s film has been on CNN and Jay Leno, I’m fielding numerous interview requests, and the story was on the front page of an Australian newspaper this morning. It’s crazy, and a little intimidating. I’m getting four hours of sleep a night and am running off adrenaline. It’s strange for the children, who are used to being behind the camera, to suddenly see themselves on television…”

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