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GDP Explained.

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Cholera in Haiti

People, Places and Pathogens – A very watchable video of work being done in Malawi by our very own Brighton University team :  … more

Sat · Mar

Open Afternoon – Eason’s Green

This open afternoon on Saturday 27 February will cover the Montessori Elementary (age 6 to 12), and the Young People’s Community (age 12-16) at our beautiful… more

Celtic mythology.

Celtic creation myth – learn about Donn and Danu! This website covers four main branches of European mythology (Classical, Norse, Celtic, Arthurian), and gives some… more

Sat · Feb

Open Afternoon – HOVE

This open afternoon will cover the Montessori Infant Community (age 15 months to 3), the Children’s House (age 3 to 6) environments, and the Montessori Elementary… more

Endocrine system. And read this document – Endocrine_system.

Week of 8 January 2018

Dear friends, As promised, I am writing to share some of the goings-on from the Elementary this last week.  We welcomed Charlotte, Ben, Holly, Noah… more